Mask Exhibition, ArtCetera Studio, Belfast


After a hectic couple of months preparing for it, we have finally installed our Mask Exhibition at ArtCetera Studio, Rosemary Street, Belfast.

We have 30 masks on show, each one decorated in a different style.



From the initial design ideas and the making of the original sculptures from papier-mâché, plaster, palm leaves and resin, the forming of moulds and the subsequent casting techniques in various resins, these masks have slowly come to life over the past number of months. We have decorated them using different materials, including recycled leather and suede, fine bark from the Silver Birch tree and thousands of miniscule beads, as well as hand painting in acrylics many of them with our own striking designs.



Our inspiration for this show was the "Covid Mask" which has been part of all our lives for the past 2 years. We have created some stylised masks with no visible mouth to represent the problems many people with hearing difficulties have encountered during this time, those who would normally rely on lip reading and facial gestures to help them communicate. 



We hope to continue showing this type of exhibition around the country and to give workshops and classes to anyone interested to allow them to get involved in casting and decorating their own mask/wall hanging.



We are, at the same time, same place, exhibiting our mandalic work, including our hand-painted jewellery, wall art and greeting cards.

Come on down for your own personal tour!


Thanks for reading!

Chris and Laurence. Kingsroad Studios

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