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Historic Ireland Serenity Stones

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Historic Ireland Serenity Stones

Experience the serenity and spirituality of Ireland with our collection of Serenity Stones. Each stone is carefully cast from an original Kingsroad Studios design with historic symbols and designs, making them a unique and meaningful addition to your collection.

Our Saint Patrick's Cross Prayer Stone is a wellness stone with an engraved cross, perfect for meditation and relaxation. It serves as a reminder of the patron saint of Ireland and his legacy.

The Saint Patrick's Grave Palm Stone is a representation of the granite slab on Saint Patrick's Grave in Downpatrick, County Down. It features an engraved name and cross, making it a beautiful tribute to the saint.

For those interested in the journey of Saint Columbanus, our Bell of Bangor Journey Stone is a must-have. This cold cast bronze palm stone is engraved with the Beannchor Bell, symbolizing the saint's journey from Bangor to Europe.

Each of these stones is handmade using Jesmonite® at Kingsroad Studios in Belfast, County Antrim. They are carefully crafted to ensure quality and authenticity. An information card is included with each item, providing background and historical context.

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